I have been lecturing in Applied Psychology for almost 20 years, but my history is varied and my route to Coaching Psychology has not been a straight line. I have a degree in Medical Science, a degree in Applied Psychology, a PhD in Psychology, and have undertaken basic training in both counselling and Gestalt therapy. I recently completed the Higher Diploma in Coaching Psychology.

I am currently enrolled in the British Psychological Society’s Supervisor Training Programme, and I meet the criteria for recognition as a supervisor by the Association for Coaching.

My approach to coaching – and thus to supervision – is influenced by all of these elements. While I recognize the fundamental role of positive psychology in the work of our profession, I also see positive psychology as embedded in, and inextricably linked to, general psychology, neuropsychology, and psychotherapies. I find I cannot meaningfully differentiate between these domains in my coaching work, as all contribute to my understanding of how we are in the world.

As can be seen from my potted biography, my route to coaching supervision has come through physical medicine, neurology, psychiatry, general psychology, research psychology, and psychotherapy. I see this trajectory as broadly towards being humanistic and focused on solutions – with the individual best placed to find their own path forward.

This is very much the basis for both my coaching and my supervision – a trusting relationship, with confidence in the ability of my client/supervisee to find the way, a preparedness and enthusiasm for supporting them in the planning and execution of their journey, and an orientation of building on what they already possess. When it comes to supervision, I am there to listen, support, help you identify issues and possible solutions, and assist in planning a way forward.

I am open to supervising all coaches and coaching psychologists. I see myself as perhaps particularly well placed to work with people who are quite new to the coaching role, who seek supervision in developing their own identity as coaches.

My meetings with clients are typically (though not exclusively) online, and my rate is €100 per hour. Contact me here.

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