We deliver the masters on campus, in the North Mall campus in UCC.  We were online during the pandemic. One of the things we learned from this experience is that our strength is teaching small classes face to face. This way we build up a strong community spirit and a sense of place. In this context the class bonds really well, and these bonds last well after the students have graduated.

The shape of our timetable is Tuesdays and Wednesdays for full-time students. Not so much 9-5 as perhaps 10-6pm. Some electives could end at 8.00pm.  There are occasional Saturday workshops.

The part-time table is Tuesdays in first year. Wednesdays in the first semester for second year. The timetable in the second semester depends on your elective choices.

There can be timing changes in modules from year to year. So do check from mid summer so as to confirm the timings for the upcoming academic year.

The shape of the timetable does allow people from quite far away to come to Cork. Some former students decided to relocate to Cork for the two 12 week semesters. Others have travelled to Cork early on Tuesday morning, overnighted in Cork and then returned home Wednesday evening. Part-timers often drive home and back on the same day.

Time table information is here. Click on programmes and search MAAPPP.  Some words of warning, as the timetable can look more daunting that it actually is.  All the electives are included, and if you select a semester 1 and 2 view together, the timetable will look particularly full.  Instead view it semester by semester.

Also, to make sense of it, you will need to cross reference it with the Calendar, to figure out what the core and elective modules are. And then the Book of Modules for the description of each module. Search for AP or Applied Psychology.

If you are viewing this during the summer, check the dates of the timetable, calendar and book of modules to determine whether you are viewing the timetable for the academic year just gone, or the upcoming academic year. The later in the summer you view them, the more likely they are to refer to the upcoming academic year.

Also, occasional lectures, like weekend workshops etc may not be on that timetable.

Check out MyTimeTable, this online tool allows you to construct a personalised timetable, which is updated with any changes.

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