If you haven’t been coached, how do you know that you want to train as a coach?

The reference therefore is a declaration that you have received coaching.

There are several reasons why this is important for your application.

Coming on the course is  an important transition – a step into the unknown. Figuring out what worked before is one good way of dealing the uncertainty of this possible future you. Coaching will help you make this transition successfully.

A masters is challenging. Working with your coach will increase your chances of success.

Do you want to coach others? Being congruent as a coach means is that you have used coaching to optimise yourself. You will then act as a living endorsement to your potential coachees. In addition, by investing in your self development, you will expand the range of coachees you can work with.

And you are adopting best practice at the start of your career. Great coaches get coached by great coaches.  But who should you choose? Try someone working in the area you’d like to specialise in. And make contact with at least three, and do the chemistry sessions. Learn how to conduct them by having them.

Paying a professional coach will convince you that you too could make a living as a coach.

Also, pay attention to how you found your coach. How could you insert yourself in this process so that potential clients will be able to find you when your time comes?

There are circumstances when you cannot afford paid coaching. Don’t let this be a barrier. There are options. Some coaches offer pro bono coaching sessions – so make enquiries. Student coaches don’t ask for payment. This can be a win-win situation. They expand their experience, you get the benefit of coaching.

In a sense, it is also part pre-interview preparation.  Your coach will know that you are interested in coach training and your conversation can help you decide whether this is the path for you.

And if you find yourself resisting – then, ‘Why?’  Probably because this pathway is not for you.

You need to make sure this course is for you.

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