We Supervise Coaches

Developing coaches who create profound change for clients and themselves in all that they do.

What we do: We are at the forefront of training transformative positive psychology coaches in the Republic of Ireland. We bring a unique psychological approach to developing coaches who can work at depth with clients through supervision. It is awesome that there’s a fast-growing community of graduate coaches out there and we continue to want you to be the best positive psychology coach you can be.

Most professional coaching bodies require that one have a supervisor in order to receive higher or fully accredited status. Our supervision offers this to the level required by the Association for Coaching, of which we are both members.

Who we are: We, that is Mike & David, have trained over 120 coaches in Positive Psychology Coaching, and we are now extending our work into supervision to further develop the community of graduate coaches. We just love what we do, and with our combined experience and differing backgrounds and orientations, we felt it was time to do something to address the supervision needs of coaches locally – but also further afield.

Who you are: You are a graduate of one of the many excellent training programmes which provide a basis for membership of a coaching organisation. You may have a coaching practice (either privately or as part of a broader work or other role) and be eager to move to the next level and develop/refine working from a positive psychology perspective so that you can bring about transformative change in the lives of your clients. Alternatively, and with all that has gone on in the last few years, you may not be coaching at the moment, but may be keen to start building your business now.

Our Promise: If you want to help people create deep and lasting change in their lives, and to do so from a positive psychology perspective, then come and work with us regardless of your level of experience. Are you are ready to give yourself the space to step back from your coaching and notice what’s going on through conversation with a fellow practitioner? We each have different specialisms, work in different ways and contract differently. So click on our profiles and discover who resonates most with you.

Contact Us:
Mike can be contacted at murphymike.coach@gmail.com